Alkaline, 2016


Humans are like Salt...

Like sodium and chloride, they are dependent on relationships to grow, and form something greater than themselves (salt).

Alkaline seeks a middle ground between the processes of Coal Seam Gas extraction and Hydraulic Fracking, an adaptive re-use scheme which proposes a new mode of farming and production over the petroleum era of Kurnell. Coal Seam Gas and Fracking methods remain a contentious and misunderstood process. Like the ground in which it fractures, there are layered, unavoidable social and environmental by-products. 

It’s within this fractured arena that Alkaline lays a crust upon this toxic site, standing up and processing the toxic flow-back brine from CSG extraction which threatens Australian agriculture to create crystalline salt. Through the mode of solar evaporation producing a locally sourced saline for medical use. Taking the uncontrolled and destructive impact salinity from the rural interior of the earth to the interior of the body – an exploration of salt, water and the individual. 

Alkaline proposes a new landmark for the existing community of Kurnell as well as the transient and fluxing seasonal population of salt pickers, care takers and visitors. The scheme revolves around bodies of water across a transformative reclamation of an industrial waste land by Salt