Banda Bound

S o c i a l    S p a c e s

Over the next two weeks I'll be engaging within a Global studio to Banda Aceh, Indonesia with a group of students from both Architecture and Interior + Spatial Design.

Banda Aceh, the city of one million coffee shos. Coffee shops have always played a strong role in its culture and history. They are places to discuss idea, share stories and engage in conversation. Post-tsunmai, coffee shops have undergone substantial transformation in their role as urban spaces
— The Kupi Culture Project

Whilst in Banda Aceh we will investigate theories on Social Spaces, with focus on the Acehnese social space dynamic. Understanding the influence of Sharia Law, and observing how the city and its youth are postioned 10 years on from a devastating natural disaster. As a studio the aim is to realise oppurtunities for further creative engangement and expression of youth, expressed through speculative urban interventions. Thinking in, around and beyond the coffee shop.